About us

Enbekon DataServices GmbH is located at Ikaruspark in Puchhheim, south-west of Munich. The company has been established in spring 2013.

Currently the company counts 8 employees. For large or more challenging projects Enbekon DataServices GmbH has access to a “brain-pool” of highly educated (masters, PhDs) and experienced it developers and scientists from around the world.

Enbekon’s international network has an incredible productive impact on multilingual web-projects and language-based extraction tasks.

Enbekon DataServices GmbH is a 100% daughter company of VR Enbekon eG. The mother company itself has been founded in 2009 as consulting and trading company in the industry of renewable energies. VR Enbekon eG has been established as an initiative of Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken in southern Germany.

In the year 2011 VRE eG startet to diversify and expand internationally. 2012 a daughter company in the renewables sector has been established in Croatia (meanwhile market leader). With the foundation of Enbekon DataServices GmbH in 2013, VRE eG added  important core competence to the VR Enbekon eG group:

  • Design, development and operation of B2B web applications
  • Design and development of individual APIs, business applications and complex business intelligence as well as knowledge management solutions.
  • Database driven analysis and implementation of ranking systems.